Centennial Celebration of Alumni

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East Carolina University
Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures

Founders Day Celebration of Centennial Honorees

March 27, 2008
2:00 p.m.
Hendrix Theatre
Mendenhall Student Center



Dr. Frank Romer, Chair
Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures

Professors and Heads of Foreign Language Sections

Debra Anderson (French)
Charles Fantazzi (Italian)
John Given (Latin and Greek)
Birgit Jensen (German)
Elena Murenina (Russian)
Michael Schinasi (Spanish)
John Stevens (Classics)
Nobuaki Takahashi (Japanese)

Special Recognition

Ralph C. Deal, Director, 1923-1945
James L. Fleming, Chair, 1945-1970
Joseph Fernández, Chair, 1970-1973
Marguerite Austin Perry, Professor emerita, Chair, 1973-1981
Martin Schwarz, Chair, 1981-1989
Rosina Chia, Vice Chancellor for Global Academic Initiatives, Interim Chair, 1989-1991
Peter Standish, Chair, 1991-1995
Charles Sullivan III, Professor of English, Interim Chair, 1995-1997
Sylvie Debevec Henning, Director, International Studies, Chair, 1997-2004
John Stevens, Interim Chair, 2004-2005
Ann Molic Heumann, Secretary to the Department, 1964-1986
Georgeanne Davies, Secretary to the Department, 1984-2008

Retired FL&L Faculty Members

Centennial Address

Dr. Frank Romer

Presentation of Honorees


Dr. Georgia Hooks Shurr, President
Advancement Council, Friends of FL&L

Awards Ceremony

Dr. Frédéric Fladenmuller, Assistant Chair, Department of FL&L
Dr. Schurr and Members of the Departmental Awards Committee

Closing Remarks & Recognition of Members of the Advancement Council

The Friends of FL&L

Dr. Frank Romer

Robert Albanese
Manolita Fernández Buck
Dolly Overton Hathaway
Pia Leahy
Marguerite Austin Perry
Robin Potts
Georgia Hooks Shurr
Susan Wilkins Valentine


Mendenhall Multipurpose Room

Centennial Honorees

Special Thanks

Special thanks to the following for their support of honoring graduates of the Foreign Languages and Literatures Department

Dr. Steve Ballard
Chancellor, East Carolina University

Dr. Alan White
Dean, Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

Paul J. Clifford
Associate Vice Chancellor for Alumni Relations

The following members of the Foreign Languages and Literatures Advancement Council:

Georgia Hooks Shurr
PhD, President
Manolita Buck
Robert Albanese, MD
Dolly Hathaway
Pia Leahy
Marguerite Austin Perry
Robin Potts
Susie Valentine